What Is A Platinum Number?

What Is A Platinum Number?

platinum number

What makes a Platinum Number?

Platinum numbers are rated as higher in value than Gold mobile numbers.

You can relate the grade names to the price bands of bronze, silver, gold and platinum. Some retailers even take category levels up to diamond and titanium to express the higher value of some very rare numbers.

Distinctive and exclusive, each memorable mobile phone number is of course totally unique, but in order to understand why the pricing of some numbers can vary widely, it is helpful to understand the different formats of phone number available. This basic knowledge will help you on your search for the perfect mobile phone number, after all, it can become your mobile number for life, so it’s worth getting it right.

How are Platinum Mobile Numbers valued?

Mobile phone numbers are put into price bands by assessing the quantity of similar numbers in circulation. Desirable number sequences for the last 6 digits can only happen a few times when attached to a prefix. As a fictional example, if a prefix is 07123, the addition of 111111 can happen only once, the same goes for 222222 or 888888. A number like this – with the last 6 digits all the same, can happen only once in every one million mobile numbers issued, so you can see how this would push up the value of a number – due to it’s limited availabilty.
If there are more repeat digits as part of the prefix, 07*22 222222 for example, the number is at the high end of the mobile number price bands, it is rarer and therefore more expensive.

Platinum numbers – the number formats explained

Lets say your favourite lucky numbers are 1 and 7
Number formats in order of the highest value to the lower value would be:

07*11 111111
07**1 111111
07*** 111111

The value would become lower when you introduce the number 7. Numbers that repeat as 111 or 777 are known as Triple digit or triple number repeat, as in 07*** 111 777 or 07*** 777 111

Again, if there was a number 1 or number 7 at the end of the prefix, it would push the value up.

The next combination would be doubles: 07*** 11 77 11 or 77 11 77

then 2 digit repeats, as in 07*** 17 17 17 or 71 71 71

The above examples show how many combinations can be found at Platinum Number level, but also show how and why the prices can vary vastly between them.
The addition of one more favourite digit would mean there are more number variations available, and so the price you would expect to pay would be lower. For example if you added the number 9, you could then have three combinations available to you 07*** 179 179, 971 971 or 791 791.

With the additional number you also have the choice of three double digits as in 07*** 11 77 99 and any of its six combinations; 117799, 119977, 771199, 779911, 991177, 997711 which would generally be classed as high end Gold Numbers in value, because there are six combinations avaiable as opposed to the single high level Platinum Number availability.

Use this information as a guide to your search for the perfect Platinum Mobile Number to help you quickly assess when you have found a bargain!

The asterisks used in the examples above represents a mobile number digit from 0-9. You will often see this on retail websites. This number is fixed by the network and cannot be changed by the retailer. It is used for the privacy and security of the buyer.

Platinum numbers are available for porting to UK networks; O2 network, Orange, T-Mobile, 3 network, Vodafone, Virgin etc.